Cry of Fear Texture Corruption Issue

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Cry of Fear Texture Corruption Issue was created by KingBlack141
Hi! So I gave up a couple months ago until I discovered a video of somebody who got Cry of Fear too work with Reshade without any texture corruptions AND managed too get at least the lantern too work. I have been met and insulted with negative responses about this before from other places I've asked, and people claiming it won't work but I have video evidence that it CAN and WILL, so please don't shoot this down and come to this with hostility I simply want too know if there's a fix anyone knows of.

Here's what I know:

1. The base game is Half Life 1 which utilizes the OpenGL renderer, however Cry of Fear uses a modified version of that known as the Paranoia renderer used in the Paranoia mod
2. The game itself is VERY iffy and buggy, and texture corruption can happen from just usual gameplay simply because the game is running too long and other random issues that have too deal with the old engine itself. 
3. Somebody got it too work on Youtube: 
and I have reached out too them and have yet too get a response.

Here's the issues:
When the Reshade DLL replaces the original, the game tends too become more unstable with texture corruptions whether effects are loaded or not. This person circumnavigated this somehow. Not only that but it entirely breaks the flashlight and lanterns in game which they ALSO managed too fix. 

I've noticed these issues come about when loading new areas, and sometimes simply tabbing out of the game and coming back too all the textures being all white. Bullet holes are replaces with what appears to be the Normal Map from the Depth Buffer and other anomalies.

I can't upload screenshots directly so here's an Imgur link with some examples of the texture corruptions  COF Texture Corruptions

I've tried changing compatibility options a couple times and any other setting I could think of. Any tips or ideas? Much appreciated, and thank you beforehand. 

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