Depht of field shaders not working / Total War Warhammer III

6 months 2 weeks ago #1 by Miloceane Depht of field shaders not working / Total War Warhammer III was created by Miloceane
Good morning,

I've been using ReShade a lot in Total War Warhammer II last year, including the Depth of Field tools which were awesome.
Since then, I got a new PC, Total War Warhammer III, and a second screen. ReShade still works perfectly except for the DoF shaders.
ADOF doesn't do anything at all, neither does CinematicDOF except if I disable autofocus, then everything gets the same blur

I have installed ReShade 5.0.2 with add-ons, but it still doesn't work. I have several hypotheses, but no idea if they are relevant seeing I have never made any shader myself!
Hypothese 1: the fact that I have a second screen messes up with the mouse focusing of CinematicDOF. However, changing the game from windowed to non-windowed doesn't change anything (I would thing it would make it work if that was the issue?)
Hypothese 2: something in TW:W3 makes DoF shaders buggy? I have disabled the game default DoF in the graphics settings, but no change.

I should also note that I'm trying it on the replay of a multiplayer battle, could that change anything? (I don't have any replay of solo battle to try it on at the moment)

Thanks for reading, and thanks in advance for your help!

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