Ghostwire Tokyo + dxgi.dll

6 months 1 week ago #1 by DonaldDuckling Ghostwire Tokyo + dxgi.dll was created by DonaldDuckling

I installed reshade with the new ghostwire tokyo game, and found that just having the dxgi.dll inside the executable folder, with nothing enabled would bottleneck performance by a large amount (50%), with raytracing enabled in game. I'm using a 6800xt and ryzen 5800 32gb ram, win11, gpu usage barely went over 70%. I was looking at other 6800xt performance metrics on youtube and was getting about half of that with lower settings. Deleting the reshade files fixed the issue.
Not sure if it's windows, the game, amd drivers, reshade or just bad luck, but is someone else can confirm or deny, that would be great.

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6 months 11 hours ago #2 by Voltar Replied by Voltar on topic Ghostwire Tokyo + dxgi.dll
Just have tested newest v5.0.2 and old v4.9.1 DLL of ReShade with this game. And yes, with new version of DLL performance drops (without raytracing cause mine GTX1070 Ti not support it) even without enabling single effect/shader. In disabled mode ~5-7 FPS drop while with my preset enabled (tested on other games without significant performance costs) ~18-23 FPS !
After revert back version to 4.9.1 all things goes as intended - enabled preset costs some 3-5 FPS. So try old version in your setup ;)

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