Genshin + ReShade. 15-4001

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Genshin + ReShade. 15-4001 was created by blacktroll
I have poor English, so I use a translator.

I want to say in advance.
I've been playing Genshin using ReShade since 2020.
Therefore, I understand the nuances with the installation and there is no mistake at this stage.

That is, when the game is running, there is no .dll from ReShade in the folder with the game.

Now to the problem.
Last November Genshin started swearing if I opened the game with ReShade connected.
That is, there have been no such problems for many months.

It looked like this:
I started the game, went into the world, started running and after 1-2 minutes it gave an error about modified files.

As soon as I started the game without ReShade, the problem immediately disappeared.

I refused a beautiful picture and played the game without improvement.
But at the beginning of March, I saw another video on YouTube comparing the original graphics and graphics with ReShade.
I decided to check whether the game with ReShade really works again.
And it turned out that it works!

As a result, I started playing again using ReShade.
I played like this until yesterday.

Now error 15-4001 has appeared again.
I don't understand what's wrong, and I don't find any information on the Internet.

Maybe one of you has faced this problem and knows how to solve it?

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5 months 1 week ago #2 by blacktroll
Replied by blacktroll on topic Genshin + ReShade. 15-4001
Cleared the Temp folder.
I also updated the drivers for the video card.

There is no problem now

I will not say that this is the solution.
It's been almost a week and something else could have happened.

But I think it was my actions that solved the problem.

I hope I helped someone and now it will be possible to find at least such a solution on the Internet

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5 months 1 day ago #3 by Jig
Replied by Jig on topic Genshin + ReShade. 15-4001
after some specific updates it stops working and after some updates it works again, but aparently in they'r changelogs they dont mention any change related to that, they might be changing something related to stuff being injected into the exe file and not mentioning due to being a method of avoiding exploits.
with that being said, it currently isnt working again to me even after doing the things you just described.

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