Dead Space mouse not moving

1 month 6 days ago #1 by d3m0n0id
Dead Space mouse not moving was created by d3m0n0id
Have read the FAQs and forum posts and tried alt-tabbing, tried pulling up menus to free the cursor, tried to navigate using the keyboard(can only pull up and close with Home, nothing else does anything), tried changing from windowed to fullscreen, reinstalling Reshade, even tried copying a working Reshade.ini from another game to see if I could trick my filter set and Reshade settings into place...nothin' doing.

Not sure what to do here.

Had the game Reshade'd and working just fine prior to the recent'ish patch that allows native support of 4k in the game. Reshade seems to be working ok; I just can't *do* anything with it. So not sure what to do now.

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