performance issue with AMD 6900XT

1 month 4 days ago #1 by x8009
performance issue with AMD 6900XT was created by x8009
in 4.9.1 there is an issue with the depth buffer in COD Warzone Single Player Campaign that was fixed with 5.0. but the performance with 4.9.1 when enabling any depth buffer or just by using reshade causing drop in frames from 180 to around 80 or so even without enabling any shaders!

with 5.0 or 5.1 as long you don't load any shader in the "load all disabled shaders" I get maximum fps 178 to 100 fps on the specific area, as soon I load all disabled shaders I get the drop frames even more than 4.9.1 to 100-63 on same place even without any shaders selected! and Performance mode enabled help a bit or barely!

how can we fix this issue? people say they don't have issue with Nvidia cards on some other games, I don't know there GPU but I know I have an issue.

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