Banding/lines visible in the normal buffer causing lines of shadows in Minecraft

3 weeks 6 days ago #1 by mei-q
I tried adding Reshade to Minecraft yesterday and noticed that distant shadows look like harsh lines and move with the camera. The normal buffer shows the same lines without shadows. I'm on Minecraft 1.18.2 with Iris + shaders, but this also happens with shaders disabled, in Optifine, and in vanilla (though more faint with shaders off). I'm not using any depth effects (this preset was copied over from my Sims 4 preset; I'm not actually using the MXAO/Depth Haze/DOFs seen in the screenshot). This happens even with just bare Reshade (no presets, no effects on, no effects in the reshade-shaders folder). This thread says to change the reshade_depth_input_is_logarithmic preprocessor definition, but changing it does nothing for me.
Videos of the issue: here and here .
Screenshots showing the reshade_depth_input_is_logarithmic changing nothing:

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