Sims 4 game crashing at start with reshade

2 weeks 5 days ago #1 by Ayaneko
I upgraded my computer storage recently and since then my game has been crashing at start. I get a white screen when launching the game and it closes a few seconds after.
This only happen when reshade files are in my bin folder and i can play with no problem with reshade uninstalled.
i tried reinstalling origin,the sims and reshade itself, i even tried gshade but i get the same outcome.
I used to have the 4.9.1 working perfectly on windows 10 but i also tried the latest version of reshade

The only solution was to get back to a previous disk image but even then it worked until i put back saves and mods in my game.
Once the bug has occured at least once i always get the white screen until i come back to a previous save or clean image disk even if i delete mods and repair or reinstall the game it doesn't change anything
I've tried everything i found here ""
and checked all solutions on this forum but i haven't found any answers yet so i'll gladly appreciate any help

Warning: Spoiler!

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