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I had previously played Horizon Zero Dawn, using ReShade V4.9.1.  I had no issues at all with the game, through multiple play-throughs.  I finished the last play a few months ago, and went onward.  When I saw ReShade 5.2.1 released, I installed it and went back to check old games, but found that HZD would not run, at all... it would crash before even showing its first intro screen.

I won't go into all the things that I tried, but ultimately un-installed/re-installed the game, deleting the game directory (but not my save files).  After the re-installation, the game ran fine.  I then installed ReShade 5.2.1, but while it didn't crash on startup, something was definitely messed up!!  My character would float a couple feet off the ground, and any time I approached an object, she would walk right through it!!  Also, fast travel to other campfires did not work at all; I would just end up back where I started...

I tried regressing to V4.9.1, but these issues still existed... so I uninstalled ReShade from the game directory entirely, and the game now works fine...
So it *does* appear that ReShade is currently not compatible with Horizon Zero Dawn.

Is there anything I can do to resolve this issue??  If not, please consider trying to fix it on your end, I *do* like my ReShades for HZD.

My system:
Windows 10 Pro
Ryzen 7 3700X, no OC
GTX 1070ti, no OC
Game drive: 2TB Samsung 980 Pro Gen4 m.2 SSD

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