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HOW TO GET RID OF BLACK BARS!? was created by MickeyMayI
I've tried searching online about this issue, but i wasn't sure if it only applied to certain games or what, but I was basically fiddling with some reshade effects to get what I wanted, and somewhere down the line, not sure when, I noticed that whenever I looked at the screenshots that there would be a black frame surrounding from the left, down, and right-hand side. I tried clicking things off to see if either effect would trigger anything, but nope. It wasn't there before, so I don't know how it got stuck there. Is there an effect that does that and how do I undo or remove it, if possible, from my game?

Edit: I have 4.9 btw and I just realized it's because I'm in windowed mode and not full-screen. Is there anyway around that?
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