ReShade and ICM for GW2

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4 years 11 months ago - 4 years 11 months ago #1 by Evan20xx
I come today to ask about some compatibility issues when trying to use ReShade with Immersive Combat Mod for Guild Wars 2.

Gw2.exe is what you normally use to launch the game with ReShade in the /bin directory and all works fine and dandy, but ICM requires you to install ICM.exe into the same directory as Gw2.exe and run ICM.exe to start the game.

Mod located here:

ReShade gives me no lip (nothing in the log file) or any feedback and just does not work.

CeeJay's SweetFX 1.5 package on the other hand hooks into the game problem free. I place SweetFX 1.5 into the main directory of Guild Wars 2 next to Gw2.exe. It works 100%

Here is what happens when ReShade is installed to the main directory of Guild Wars 2 along side with Gw2.exe rather than inside the /bin dir (where ReShade works but ICM will not.)


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