[SOLVED] GeDoSaTo + Reshade issues with Dark Souls 2

7 years 8 months ago - 7 years 8 months ago #1 by SiriusTexra GeDoSaTo + Reshade issues with Dark Souls 2 was created by SiriusTexra
The game will crash on start, unless I right click the DarkSoulsII.exe, uncheck "Disable display scaling", hit ok and start the game external to steam. It then gives me the reshade message as if it's a first time run, afterwhich the game runs fine with both working together.

Each time i close the game, I have to do this again, very odd.

But there is one new problem and im not sure what's going on. With GeDoSaTo + Reshade, all particles/alpha based effects and sounds associated with those particles are missing from the game.

For isntance, bonfires appear unlit with no flames or light from them, and no sound coming from them. Drinking an estus flask, you can't see the flask or hear the drinking sound. Putting a summon sign down, you hear no noise, cannot see it, but it's there.

It's even disable light sources associated with those particle effects too, because lit bonfires aren't lighting up the room they're in.

Not sure what's doing this, but I'm assuming it's primarily gedosato.


Ok, tested without reshade and the ingame particles/effects/sounds problem is direclty related to gedosato only.

The only issue with reshade + gedosato is just the strange quirk with the .exe and how it's run.

*EDIT 2*

OK, WOW. IT actually has nothing to do with the .exe properties. I have to delete the log file from the folder so that the message will display and the game will start. If I try starting with the log file allready there, game crashes.
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