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9 years 3 months ago - 9 years 3 months ago #1 by crosire 0.13 was created by crosire

  • Added status code to log messages on hooking error
  • Added some more error handling to OpenGL renderer
  • Added tracelog message for return values of important hooked functions
  • Added error log message if OpenGL effect runtime initialization failed
  • Fixed ReShade to GLSL compiler error with matrix swizzeling
  • Fixed errors and black screens with OpenGL games using shared contexts (rewrote entire OpenGL hooking)
  • Fixed D3D9 renderer trying to generate mipmaps on rendertargets which don't have them
  • Fixed D3D9 renderer not being able to render to textures bigger than the backbuffer dimensions
  • Fixed OpenGL renderer not clearing default depthstencil before starting to render a technique
  • Fixed readme talking about OpenGL 4.0 requirement when actually OpenGL 4.3 is needed
  • Changed OpenGL depthstencil detection algorithm to take slightly missized candidates into account
  • Removed tripple buffering from D3D9
  • Removed unused DXGI hooks (D3DKMT... and all that stuff)
  • Added D3D8 shader assembly dump to tracelog
  • Changed swapchain creation in "D3D10[11]CreateDeviceAndSwapChain" to use DXGI1.1 instead of DXGI1.0
  • Fixed swapchain not being hooked when "IDXGIFactory::CreateSwapChain" is called with the DXGI device and not the D3D10/11 one directly
  • Fixed D3D8 wrapper not accepting "vs_1_0" vertex shaders
  • Fixed D3D8 pixelshader assembler error when negation modifier is used on a constant (just removing it for now, could cause artifacts, but at least it works)
  • Fixed another D3D8 crash related to the "IDirect3DDevice8::GetDepthStencilSurface" problem
  • Fixed invalid shader version reported from D3D8 "GetDeviceCaps"
  • Fixed D3D8 shader assembly fix for "m3x3" instruction affecting other instructions like "texm3x3" rendering the shader invalid
  • Fixed crash if "IDirect3DDevice8::GetTexture" wasn't supposed to return a texture
  • Fixed OpenGL renderer trying and failing to resize to width and height zero if game is minimized
  • Fixed possible crashes when games query and then use the D3D "...1", "...2" or "...Ex" interface variants via "QueryInterface"
  • Fixed OpenGL context creation always creating a "core" context for version 4.3, making much lower versions not work
  • Fixed D3D9 crashes after games calling "IDirect3DDevice9::GetDepthStencilSurface"
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