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  • Added ReShade FX support for 1D and 3D textures
    texture3D My3DTex < source = "MyVolume.dds"; > {
        Width = 128;
        Height = 128;
        Depth = 8;
        MipLevels = 1;
    sampler3D My3DSampler {
        Texture = My3DTex;
    storage3D My3DStorage {
        Texture = My3DTex;
        MipLevel = 0;
    void MyPixelShaderEntryPoint() {
        float4 col = tex3D(My3DStorage, float3(0.5, 0.5, 0.5));
    void MyComputeShaderEntryPoint() {
        tex3Dstore(My3DStorage, uint3(0, 0, 0), float4(1, 0, 0, 1));
  • Added support for loading 3D DDS images into 3D textures
  • Added ReShade FX support for texture atomics and integer texture formats
    texture2D<int> MyIntTex { // New component type specification, int for R32I, uint for R32U, float4 (which is the default) for the rest
        Width = 128;
        Height = 128;
        Format = R32I; // New integer formats: R32I and R32U
    storage2D<int> MyIntStorage {
        Texture = MyIntTex;
    void MyComputeShaderEntryPoint(uint3 id : SV_DispatchThreadID) {
        atomicAdd(MyIntStorage, id.xy, 1);
  • Added "ui_units" annotation to add units description to slider or drag widgets
  • Added undo button next to modified values in uniform variable editor
  • Added optional preset transition message (overlay that shows the name of the preset when switching presets using hotkeys or similar)
  • Added environment variable to disable logging (RESHADE_DISABLE_LOGGING)
  • Added environment variable to disable input hooks (RESHADE_DISABLE_INPUT_HOOK)
  • Added environment variable to disable graphics hooks (RESHADE_DISABLE_GRAPHICS_HOOK)
  • Added config option to disable ReShade entirely on a specific effect runtime instance
    [GENERAL] Disable=1
  • Added HDR support for ReShade overlay

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed occasional crash in Cyberpunk 2077, The Last of Us, ... with Generic Depth add-on active
  • Fixed content not showing up in applications using Chromium (like Venice Unleashed)
  • Fixed potentially duplicated hooks in Vulkan for swapchain creation
  • Fixed splash bar not disappearing with "NoReloadOnInit" active
  • Fixed imgui navigation window getting stuck on screen when moving mouse while it is visible
  • Fixed warning about missing effect files showing even when effects were not yet loaded
  • Fixed "Edit global preprocessor definitions" popup window not being scrollable with the mouse
  • Fixed techniques on statistics page not being sorted by execution order
  • Fixed relative paths in the file dialog widget not always being relative to the configured base path
  • Fixed code editor search window focusing
  • Fixed "reshade_reloaded_effects" event not being called during reload of an individual effect
  • Fixed effects reloading constantly when using an add-on that changes the back buffer color bit depth an odd number of times a frame
  • Fixed internal calls to "D3D12SerializeRootSignature" crashing when graphics hooks are disabled
  • Fixed D3D12 resource state transition barriers for mipmap generation
  • Fixed broken query results in D3D12 when query has not finished executing on the GPU when queried
  • Fixed multiple different pooled textures in an effect being shared with the same pooled texture in a different effect
  • Fixed effect filter and preview texture being reset even when just a single effect is reloaded

  • Updated imgui to 1.89.7 (add-ons may now use both 1.89.7 and the previous 1.86)
  • Added swap chain size check and avoid initializing on very small ones (The Sims 4 e.g. creates a 16x16 swapchain in borderless window mode that is better off skipped)
  • Added support for relative font paths
  • Added protection against key repeats triggering keybinds
  • Added warning message when add-ons were not loaded due to the build only having limited add-on functionality
  • Added log message for "IDXGISwapChain3::SetColorSpace1" calls
  • Added full application command-line to initial log message
  • Added "bind_pipeline" event for D3D9 "SetFVF" command
  • Added "create_sampler" event for D3D12 static samplers and also include them in pipeline layout parameters
  • Added separate front and back stencil masks and reference values
  • Added support for push constant offset in D3D10 and D3D11
  • Added device loss handling for D3D9
  • Changed addressing mode for texture previews to clamping instead of wrapping
  • Changed "Edit global preprocessor definitions" popup window to scale with font size
  • Changed context menus to scale with font size
  • Changed file widgets to do case-insensitive comparison on file extensions
  • Changed technique timing list on statistics page to pad with new lines when name is long and would otherwise overlap timing values
  • Changed several settings to always clamp values (like alpha, rounding and text size, to prevent users accidentally entering a value that would break the overlay)
  • Changed effect loading to force preprocessing of an effect instead of loading from cache if it failed to parse (to avoid a broken cache preventing the effect from loading)
  • Changed tutorial to only show up on the very first effect runtime
  • Changed config file naming to only switch to ReShadeX.ini if copying default configuration from ReShade.ini was successfull (to avoid errors during saving when file permissions were not set up)
  • Changed update check to only run once per session
  • Changed HLSL implementation of ReShade FX "sincos" intrinsic to actually use "sincos"
  • Changed missing image file warning to an error
  • Changed function signature of "ReShadeGetBasePath" export
  • Renamed several ReShade API types and methods (without breaking binary compatibility)
  • Reduced overhead of "bind_descriptor_tables" event in D3D12
  • Removed pipeline tracking in D3D12 (it is up to add-ons to track and restore state)
  • Removed effect compile warnings from technique tooltips
  • Removed clamping of "ui_step" value

Setup tool:
  • Added effect files list to effect package tooltips
  • Added workaround instructions to setup error message box when list of effect packages failed to download
  • Fixed potential setup tool crash during app search when directory enumeration throws exception
  • Removed orange coloring of setup tool for builds with full add-on support

  • Fixed random crashes in D3D10/D3D11 games
  • Fixed crash when using some older add-ons that made use of ImGuiListClipper
  • Fixed recursive texture search not working properly when search path is relative and working directory is not equal to the base path
  • Fixed HLSL shader model 3 code generation for custom semantics
  • Fixed GLSL/SPIR-V semantic to location translation for variables with individual indexed semantics
  • Fixed missing cast in GLSL code generation for boolean varying variables
  • Fixed "No keyboard and mouse input available" message not going away when tutorial was not completed (which can't be completed without keyboard or mouse input ...)
  • Fixed potential crash in Baldur's Gate 3
  • Added single component floating-point sampler and storage types

  • Added missing hooks for "vkQueueSubmit2KHR" and "vkCmdWriteTimestamp2KHR"
  • Added application ID to first message written to log
  • Changed message window to use same style as the rest of the overlay
  • Fixed depth buffer detection in Baldur's Gate 3 with Vulkan
  • Fixed depth buffer leak when selection switches to a different one
  • Fixed framerate plot on Statistics page showing broken data
  • Fixed HLSL shader model 3 code generation when mixing custom semantics and "TEXCOORD"
  • Fixed incorrect render target and storage access flags set on pooled textures
  • Fixed current imgui context being reset when a new effect runtime is created from an add-on event triggered by an existing runtime
  • Fixed setup tool crash when unselecting an effect file that is not installed anyway
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