FPS hit with reshade disabled? (gothic3)

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7 years 10 months ago - 7 years 10 months ago #1 by Dwill0328 FPS hit with reshade disabled? (gothic3) was created by Dwill0328
I have used reshade in dozens of games and i never see performance drop with it turned off.

However If i play gothic3 it runs very smoothly at 60fps with community patch 1.75. It is a great game. But if i just put reshade in the game (not even enabled) fps drops to about 10-15

Is there any reason why this may occur? It is obviously not fault of reshade but the fault of gothic3.

Can anyone think of any tricks i can try to maybe get better results? Game looks AMAZING with SSAO enabled but i cant play at 10fps

Another thing i may mention is that steam in-game does not work for any of the gothic games. Does this offer a clue to something? Maybe gothic3 just does not like direct X wrappers?
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