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TOPIC: ME: Andromeda - ReShade and 21:9 Ultrawide Fix

ME: Andromeda - ReShade and 21:9 Ultrawide Fix 2 years 3 months ago #1

Hi there!

As with all games I play, I installed ReShade with Mass Effect: Andromeda and the game is gorgeous. The only issue is the that the cutscenes are stuck in 16:9 and my monitor is 21:9. Unfortunately I cannot use Flawless Widescreen since that fix has been outdated several patches ago, but there was another fix called the 3DVision fix that involves dropping the below files into my Mass Effect Andromeda main folder with the game's EXE:


Unfortunately when I pop these files into my main game's folder, the game doesn't launch. It shows up on my task bar but that's about it, it's like it's stuck somewhere. I concluded that these files are not playing well with ReShade's dxgi.dll, .ini, etc. files. Would anyone happen to know of a way to make these files compatible?
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