Hi, I found a guy in YouTube who claims that TAA is possible with reshade

2 months 3 weeks ago #1 by Gonzito
Hi guys, I just joined to this website to ask you about this finding. I was looking to get better AA with reshade and found this video. Apparently he, and others have created a TAA shader. I remember reading a long time ago that TAA wasn't possible with reshade.

This is the video and the shader is there. Is this true or is fake?

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2 months 3 weeks ago - 2 months 3 weeks ago #2 by lowenz
You can find the answer in the description

"TAA needs motion vectors to keep track of objects moving throughout the frames so it can blend them correcty. Unfortunately those motion vectors can only be revealed by Rockstar themselves, whom I believe would never care. So TAA without motion vectors acts as a "pixel based motion blur" with Reshade. Luckily, even that helps a lot."
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1 month 1 week ago - 1 month 1 week ago #3 by canceralp
[The page thinks my post is too long so it's a spam. So, I'll put it here in 3 parts]

Hey, that's my video. Just like lowenz said, it's not a fully-working TAA. The code belongs to Unreal Engine's latest TAA, though. BlueSkyDefender made the code available for Reshade and made his own improvements. I believe he made it usable in Reshade because he believed one day a game would expose it's motion vectors so we could use TAA easily. Alien Isolation is one lucky game, someone was able to reveal it's motion vectors. After that, applying TAA was super easy and the game got a real facelift.
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1 month 1 week ago #4 by canceralp
I gave it a shot in GTA V for a couple reasons:
1) In Assassin's Creed 4, they forgot to extract motion vectors for clothes and the grass, yet TXAA was working good enough.
2) In Crysis 3, grass was also forgotten for SMAA Tx2, but the overall result was good enough.
3) When TAA is used on an object without motion vectors it does two things: a) it acts like a motion blur, b) it acts like a sub-pixel removal. So basically it acts like a filter to eliminate super tiny details. In a scenerio where these super tiny details are actually rendering artifacts, this is a good thing.

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1 month 1 week ago #5 by canceralp
GTA V uses a terrible rendering engine. It has negative LOD values crazy high. That results in lots of unwanted pixels. The developers wanted to force TXAA, and wanted to make other solutions look bad back in the day by forcing negative LOD in the whole game. Negative LOD gives sharp results in big and close-to-screen objects. However, if an object is small or far away from the camera, then what inegative LOD does is simply forcing tiny little details to be drawn on top of each other. Imagine trying to squeeze a full size flower picture into 30 pixel area. Some details will have to be lost but negative LOD will try to draw them forcibly on top of each other. When the camera moves, this will create inconsistency between frames. The flower will be drawn very differently in every frame and our eyes will see it pixel flickering/shimmering.

This squeezed data is called sub-pixel artifacts. In a normal scenerio, those details wouldn't be drawn and there would be no artifacts, because those details would be too small (sub-pixel sized) for a 30 pixel area thus would be eliminated by the renderer.

3 things eliminate these sub-pixel artifacts:
1) increasing the resolution.
2) FXAA by adding sub-pixel blurriness.
3) TAA (with or without motion vectors) because it checks neighbours pixels to understand if a pixel is relevant.

So I combined those 3 in my video. TAA creates a motion blur-like ghosting but it blends well with higher resolutions and helps a lot with pixel flickering. I do hope one day some modder will expose GTA V's motion vectors and Reshade or ENB will harvest them to be used properly with TAA. Hopefully before everyone in planet Earth finishes the story mode :)

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