Shader that could apply colors/saturation only to further away areas?

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Hello, while playing rdr2 I have started to use reshade more on specific things than in the past, one thing that bothers me in rdr2 is the lod color, I know it's not that bad in rdr2 compared to many other games it is actually one of the best looking lods I've ever seen in a game but I would like to push the games lod more towards similar color what the near field has. So my question is, is there away or workaround or shader that could apply color or saturation only to lod in a similar way than for example dof is blurring only distant things?

I have one other questions as well that I have been thinking alot, since there seems to be no knowledge about these things on anywhere else I ask them here.

Is it somehow possible to apply antialiasing or strong blur in a way that it only affects a shader that is before it in the reshade chain not the whole image in other words can antialiasing be hooked to affect only reshade shader within reshade but not the actual game? More specifically I am using Pascal Glitchers GI shader and something that bothers me expecially in games like rdr2 is that the shaders noise becomes too obvious and disturbing before it hits the sweetspot on bounce light and ao parameters I know there is a denoise filter in Pascal's shader but I'd like it to be far stronger.I'm not a tech guy and this may be far beyond our reach but you never know, maybe the whole idea would just look a blurry mess :D, cheers!
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5 hours 27 minutes ago #2 by knowom
Try Clarity it's can do a heck of a lot of stuff depending upon how you configure it. Here's a screenshot of it worht noting is it can cause some coloring shift a bit know the text color. I'm working on improving my configuration lost my old configuration it's a bit more pronounced still than intended, but have improved it a minor bit from that screenshot aftering noticing how pronounced it looks in still images. It doesn't look as bad in game with all the movement, but it defiantly is/was still causing some color dulling. Some minor color shifting and dulling is often a common issue with post process injection techniques some being problematic than others though depending on setup.

My favorite techniques are actually the tonemap or color injection techniques they can make more readily obvious differences than most others. That said Clarity is incredible at a few things and similar with other tehchniques like God Rays. I'm going to see if I can better zero in further on what's the main cause of that color shift with my current configuration. I already improved it a bit so I've got a general idea, but it needs to be fine tuned.

I'd suggest looking at your Clarity configuration if you're actively using it. It's really great at giving a sense of depth actually and you can really darken or bleach the color tone a lot with it as well. It does a ton to the LOD smoke, fog, lighting, and shading overall. Actually I think I know what what you might like for what you ask try configuring ReflectiveBumpMapping.fx you might find that along with Clarity can do much of what you want suitably. I've found in the past reflect bump mapping can be great for adding in some pin pointing color/saturation lighting and shading enhancements. The key is getting the configuration settings narrowed down better there are quite a few in that thechnique configuration.

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