reshade + helixvision

5 months 2 weeks ago #1 by xnmerritt
reshade + helixvision was created by xnmerritt
so first off , hello all , this is my first post :) so sorry if its in the wrong place or there is a thread all ready here somewhere , i stumbled apon a fix for reshade to work with helixvision , installed it and it works but the preset the came with it only has sharpen ,color and one other thing , i was hoping to get others to work "alex's ffxiv reshade preset " when i drop it into the folder where it should go it does show up in the reshade menu but when i click on it in the menu it does nothing only the given preset that comes with the fix comes up( checkbox beside the preset checks and unchecks) i also have 9 other presets on my pc and get the same problem , tyvm for any help/info . 

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