LUTs: The Guide 2 ft. MultiLUT

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9 months 4 weeks ago - 9 months 4 weeks ago #1 by moyevka

Hi all! If the name seems familiar, you've probably seen me hanging out on the ReShade discord before. ;)

I recently wrote a guide on making your own LUTs for ReShade hosted over on the FRAMED wiki . I'm well aware of the existence of the old LUT guide, this guide expands on that. It covers the generation of LUTs using Photoshop, Lightroom or even fully in ReShade itself (well, almost).

It also includes a guide to using and modifying the MultiLUT shader, for more LUT goodness.

It's hosted over on the FRAMED wiki rather than the forums, since it's quite comprehensive and I find a wiki format suits it better. Feel free to browse the rest of the site too!

Thoughts on the guide are welcome. Cheers! :)
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