can we get a better fxaa shader ?

5 years 7 months ago #1 by BrighT
can we get a better fxaa shader ? was created by BrighT
Hi developer, for now the fxaa for reshade 3 is no good as dx9 version port by somedude. AS you can see,luma pre-pass doesn't do and use linear srgb color space or something,and it causes a lot of artifacts and some color and edges untouched.Fxaa is good performance and compatibility,a pity if it was ignored.

And if it‘s possible to support dx12 & vulkan?Because it‘s no third party aa for these game now. Just fxaa is enough.I made a post before but deleted uncarefully, and this is my earlier post.

Hope the problem can be sovled soon, thanks. And have a nice day. :P

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