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7 years 5 months ago #21 by Ioxa
I was talking about the ReShade.fx file that Evan20xx has in his dropbox, the file you were asking about when I quoted you. Paxton676 is talking about the shaderpacks like SweetFX and MasterEffect.

ReShade is an injector for the shaderpacks. ReShade does not contain effects, the shaderpacks contain all the effects. Read about five sentences into the README that comes with ReShade if you need this explained again.

Paxton676 was explaining that sometimes an update to ReShade (the injector) will require the shaderpacks (the effects being injected) to be updated to work properly. The newest version of ReShade (the injector) is usually bundled with the newest version of SweetFX (a shaderpack).

ReShade (the injector) is still in beta, meaning it will continue to be updated and future updates may cause compatibility issues with older versions of shaderpacks. In most cases you should use the newest version of ReShade along with the newest version of the shaderpack of your choice. If you run into an issue when using the newest releases of each, then the issue should be reported so it can be looked into and hopefully fixed, this is the purpose of a beta. If you are having trouble following along you may be better off waiting for ReShade to come out of beta before using it.
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