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TOPIC: QoL minor suggestion

QoL minor suggestion 6 days 5 hours ago #1

To make installation even easier for those users who like to use a set of custom settings for every install (i.e, effects toggle keys, global shader/textures directories, fps/clock toggles, style etc):

When running the Reshade installer, if it finds a Reshade.ini in the current directory where the installer is being run from, it automatically copies this to the game's install directory. It also updates the message box to confirm it's done this (as a reminder).

This would save manually copying across an ini file each time, and negates the need to use the 'Edit Settings' option at the end which takes longer to setup browsing or typing in directories than just copying a file across.
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QoL minor suggestion 4 days 12 hours ago #2

This is now supported. Setup tool for 4.5.3 (that you can download on reshade.me/#download, setup tool version is 3.1.0) has been updated.

It will only copy ReShade.ini over on fresh installs (as in, no ReShade.ini exists next to the game yet).
Cheers, crosire =)
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