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TOPIC: Mediator

Mediator 3 years 11 months ago #1

Hi I'm trying to get the Reshade Mediator program to work with Fallout 4. I can start up and run the game just fine but I can't use the program itself to tweak any of the settings for the preset I use.

I'm completely new to using Reshade and Modding in general for Fallout 4.

First I downloaded the ReShade Framework and extracted the contents to a new folder made for Reshade via WinZip.
I then downloaded the preset I use from NexusMods and extracted it to it's own folder via WinZip.

Then I read the instructions on what to do from there and it was as simple as copy and paste the required folders from my preset folder to the Fallout 4 directory.
I did this and everything is working just fine.

What I can't figure out is how to load up the Mediator.exe and get it to tweak the settings of the preset I downloaded.

Sorry If I'm not making any sense but I'm trying my best to describe my problem.

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Mediator 3 years 11 months ago #2

The mediator only tweaks settings in its own location. Instead of placing the preset in the game location, you first need to place it in the preset location of the mediator.

From there you can both, configure the preset and push it to your application.
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Mediator 3 years 11 months ago #3

So technically I don't even need to bother with it? When I downloaded the preset from the authors page it contained the "ReShade" folder, a ReShade.FX file and a dxgi.dll file. Said to place them all in the Fallout 4 install directory.

I only found out about the Mediator when I downloaded the ReShade Framework package from the ReShade website.

The preset was working like a charm, I just thought I needed the Mediator to adjust the settings for the preset in game. How would I go about doing that, adjusting the settings in game via the Fallout 4 console? Or possibly the .cfg files in the ReShade folder for the preset?

I'm still waiting on a reply back from the author of the preset, but I figured since the settings I wanted to tweak were part of the ReShade framework they used to make the preset that I'd have a better shot of figuring out how to adjust things like brightness, lighting, etc directly from the source, here on these forums.

Please let me know what I need to do or what I can do. Thank uyou so much for the quick response to my initial question.
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Mediator 3 years 11 months ago #4

I kind of doubt thats a preset then. Its most likely just his current configuration. Drop the files in your mediator folder and overwrite the existing ones. Open the mediator which should load his current configuration and save it as a new preset. You can adjust the configuration and update the preset if you found something you like.

As long as you created a profile for F4 in the mediator, the changes will automatically sync with F4.
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Mediator 3 years 11 months ago #5

Ok now I'm a bit confused? Should I just delete all the current ReShade Folders and related files from my Fallout 4 directory and then start fresh?

When I download the latest ReShade from the website there is no mediator folder. The .exe for the Mediator is in the main folder for the framework. So would I take the ReShade Framework 1.1.0 folder and extract it to my desktop then copy or move it to my Fallout 4 directory? Then go into the framework folder and open up mediator?

That's the only way I could ever get mediator to work right out of the "box" without trying to add the preset/configs from the author. Where I kept getting stuck at was after the initial run of mediator I would try to have mediator sync with their preset/config.

So should I run mediator without their settings first. Close the program then copy their directory into the reshade directory and overwrite/replace the flies. Then open mediator back up and I should be ok?
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Mediator 3 years 11 months ago #6

The mediator was mainly designed to handle profiles and preset centralized.

Unpacking the .7zip Framework 1.1 from the ReShade website, you will get all necessary ReShade Framework + Mediator content that you need for that centralized management.

The person from whom you got the "preset" most likely used ReShade in a decentralized manner, seeing he shares not only configuration files.
Therefore, you can simply overwrite your centralized ReShade Framework installation with his files. This should replace the default configuration with his configuration.

If you boot up the mediator afterwards, it will load this/his configuration instead of the default one. To store it, you can create a preset which will be based of that/his current configuration.

From there you can go on tweaking the configuration as you want. It will be applied to your F4 game automatically if you add it as an app profile to your centralized ReShade Framework installation.
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