Problem getting Reshade to load in Wildstar

7 years 4 months ago #1 by pulse4j
I am having a hard time getting Wildstar to load Reshade at all...The game can run in directx 9 or 11, I've tried both. It is 64-bit, and I am using the Reshade 64-bit dll (although I've tried both). I have renamed ReShade64.dll to all possibilities listed... it should be either d3d9.dll or dxgi.dll, but it just doesn't hook reshade. I am installing into the Client64 directory and not the Launcher directory just like I am supposed to.

One thing of note is that Wildstar hasn't worked on SweetFX since a patch that came out 6 months ago. I was hoping to get around that, for the good of many, but I don't know if it is possible. Download link is (not just a beta install). The sign on screen is sufficient to check for activation.

Also, one thing of note is that there are two dll files put there by the installation.

Thanks for any help on this...

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