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TOPIC: Reshade + ENBoost for Oblivion

Reshade + ENBoost for Oblivion 3 years 9 months ago #1

Hi. Is there any way to make current version of Reshade32.dll work with ENBoost for Oblivion?

Tried wrapper and injector of ENBoost but game crashes. Need to figure this out because I need ENBoost for stability reasons and Reshade for visuals so I would have ENBoost + Oblivion Reloaded + Reshade.

I tried running ENBoost injector and enabling proxy library to Reshade's d3d9.dll but the game crashes.

What's interesting is that you can use Reshade + ENB but not ENBoost + Reshade?? Even more interesting is that I can use SweetFX 1.5?

Was hoping someone knew how to avoid this or could explain to me. Please let me know.

Update: Installing Reshade manually and renaming d3d9.dll to dxgi.dll seems to have worked.
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