GTA V Reshade 3.0.4 Crash Fullscreen

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GTA V Reshade 3.0.4 Crash Fullscreen was created by skarmx2
Im using Resahde version 3.0.5 GTA V is 1.0.877.0

Whenever i try to start GTA V with fullscreen defaulted it will crash to the desktop with a "GTA V has stopped working" window. But it DOESNT crash if I run it on windows mode. Ive tried all sorts of things, renaming, deleting and replacing, trying and trying countless times, fullscreen wont work by default. If im running it on windowed mode, it will work fine, steady FPS, no lag, great looking graphics. I use alt+enter to goto fullscreen in game, it will crash with the same message. So far, the only way i can get it to work in fullscreen is to go into the ingame graphics options, set the view mode to fullscreen, and hit esc to "not" apply the changes, and it will for some reason go to fullscreen, and ReShade will work. Now this method is not very reliable, so I'd love it if someone could figure out a way for me to run in fullscreen by default, without crashing.
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