ReShade 3.0.8 - Screenshots not working

4 years 8 months ago #1 by MonarchX
ReShade 3.0.8 - Screenshots not working was created by MonarchX
Even when I launch game .exe as Admin, I can't get any of my games, be they D3D9, D3D11, x86 or x64 to take screenshots with ReShade 3.0.8. Print Screen is the default key and that is the one I use. Now, the image does get copied into clipboard because after pressing Print Screen I can open Paint and then paste the screenshot, but I was hoping to avoid that manual process and though ReShade would just place a screenshot file in the same directory as .exe. Any ideas? I do run MSI Afterburner in the background, but WITHOUT RSTT Server and without any overlays from Origin, Steam, or Uplay. Any ideas why that happens?

I was also curious if there was a secondary Screenshot-type function that would take and save a screenshot without any effects applied or maybe take 2 screenshots - one without effects and one with all effects. Such a capture feature would be useful for 1:1 comparisons.

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