Reshade 3.1.1 Unable to be used with certain games

4 years 3 months ago #1 by Thebadassitude
So i've returned to a certain series (borderlands) of games that laying dormant on my harddrive for a year or so and i decided i wanted to do a fresh playthrough all of them and to my surprised when i clicked play in steam they failed to start up, so i checked the file structure every thing was intact so i did the whole deleting the DLL files to troubleshoot and voila the game booted right up, now when i progressed onto BL2 and BTPS when i clicked play the launcher popped with an error "Intialization error" now when i pulled out the DLL it was the same result as BL and the game booted right up, NOW heres the confusing part whenever i right click any of the EXEs for the games and run them as administrator the game boots up with reshade perfectly fine, however i used to be able to play these game perfectly fine without any of this confuzzle. IF anyone can shed even a once of light on this it would be greatly appericated! thank you.

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