Fallout 4 + ReShade 3.3.2 = exit crash in dxgi.dll

4 years 4 days ago - 4 years 4 days ago #1 by lemonpokemon
Fallout4.exe APPCRASH with dxgi.dll. This only happens when I exit the game (via menu or console with qqq). The error appears after 1-2 seconds.

Before that, I used 3.0.6 and there were no such problems. Everything else works, game and filters. At least that's what I noticed for a short period of time.

In general, I noticed that there have been noticeable changes since 3.0.6 version. Maybe I should use 3.0.6 back?

I don't use ENB. Also all the settings I do myself, without third-party config files. I did not export the settings from the old version, all were created from scratch and only a few filters were used. And absolutely all files from the old version have been deleted.

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