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TOPIC: No Man`s Sky Next + Reshade

No Man`s Sky Next + Reshade 1 year 5 months ago #1

Hello everyone. Recently got stuck with trying to make NMS NEXT work with Reshade. The problem is when teleporting or warping, fps drops to 0-2 with the latest RESHADE version, or just crashes with any older one, including 0.15.0, the oldest I have. I dont have any intergated GPUs (running fx 8350), only a single gtx 1060 with the latest drivers (previous drivers didnt help either), so the solution found in on of the topics here doesnt work. I can play the game flawlessly until I warp. It seems, that during the warp process, Reshade is reinitializing, but never finishes compilitng shaders and either crashes or just stuck forever at 2 fps(at least one of the Reshade versions, all earlier versions than 3.3 just crash). Ingame setting do not matter, I tried every combination of fullscreen\bordeless\turned off fullscreen optimisation\disabled game effects\features, messed with nvidia driver settings. Here is a log file(there are two instances of FilmicSharpening, but it actually makes no difference, as REshade with even a single LUT shader crashes as well).

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No Man`s Sky Next + Reshade 1 year 5 months ago #2

Shame on me. The problem was with the MSI afterburner\riva statistics overlay. Turning it off, fps got up from 2 back to 60 during the warp. It seems that a lot of people are suffering from the same thing, hope theyll read the reason of this NMS + REshade behaviour here.
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