CS:GO Not Launching W/ Reshade

3 years 9 months ago #1 by h0pz
CS:GO Not Launching W/ Reshade was created by h0pz
Hey all,
I use Reshade for making CS:GO edits, and about 8 months ago it suddenly stopped working.

Here are my specs:
-i5 6500k
-16gb ddr4 ram
-RX 480 4gb
-rm750x psu
-300gb ssd boot drive, 1tb hdd, 2tb external hdd

So far, I've attempted to troubleshoot by:
-Reinstalling Reshade
-Reinstalling CS:GO entirely
-Validate integrity of game files
-Try using it on different storage devices
-Update my gpu drivers
-Reinstalling windows, along with wiping my SSD (Though, it was for another reason.)
-Using ENBInjector

This post suggests that it may have to do with the file "csgo.signatures" checking what DLL files to launch the game with, though, they never reached a solution. Maybe this is a good place to start? Anyways, please help me out haha.

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