ELEX isnt working for ReShade

3 years 7 months ago #1 by x9c0ck
ELEX isnt working for ReShade was created by x9c0ck
i have a problem with ReShade and ELEX for months, i installed and uninstalled ReShade alot of times for ELEX but i cant fix it.
When i play without ReShade the game runs perfectly, but anytime when i installed ReShade and try to run the game its says " the application terminated abnormally " and the game wont even start. Its also "saying C:/User/.../AppData/.../.../....Elex... do u want to dump the folder ?" - " Yes " " No " are the options but it doesnt matter what im clicking, the message appears the next time im starting the game again and again, so i just have the option to "uninstall " it. So can anyone out here please help me with this issue? How can i make that ReShade is working for ELEX ?

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