Reshade With GTA V - Crash Issue

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4 years 1 month ago - 4 years 1 month ago #1 by l3ilabong Reshade With GTA V - Crash Issue was created by l3ilabong
so i`v been Cracking my head for days now trying EVERY solution suggested around the forums AND the internet as a whole , nothing just seems to work ..
i did manage to determine it is Reshade that is the culprit , installed the newest ver of Reshade with a Clean Install of GTA V (So The Dll files is still named dxgi.dll) but the game crash as soon as the window load ("stopped working").
so i renamed the dll file to d3d11.dll and launched the game , this time it did launch but the reshade message did not display on the social club screen , and Reshade didn`t seem to load (ingame key won`t load menu too) .
evantually i tried renaming it to d3d9.dll (saw some threads stating that worked for people) yet the game won`t launch at all :\

EDIT - Added the Log When Using dxgi.dll as d3d11.dll
Warning: Spoiler!

Important Things to note -
1.i downloaded ALL the required Runtime , Direct X , net framework files (etc etc) Running GTA V Steam Version
3.Running on Windows 10
4.Running on an Asus ROG Strix Scar Edition II Laptop :
i7-8750H , 16GB RAM , GTX 1060 6GB .

im 100% sure its an issue with Reshade since ENB And any other mod would work just fine , but Reshade Won`t Even With Vanilla GTA V ...
Really Hoping someone Around here , or maybe even Crosire would be able to help me with it ...
Thanks in Advance !
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