Battlefield 2 depth buffer (MXAO)

3 years 5 months ago #1 by MichaelZFreeman
Battlefield 2 depth buffer (MXAO) was created by MichaelZFreeman

I'm a bit confused here as I've had the MXAO shader working in other games like Assassin's Creed Unity. In BF2 only the weapon shades using MXAO and not the background. Compatibility list says "perfect" which I assume means that Battlefield 2 has full depth buffer access. I also noticed the ReShade feature that disables the depth buffer with online game,s apparently when network activity is detected. However I disabled my network connection and started BF2. However it crashes when starting a map due to some bug in there with it's network detection. I did ALT - TAB out and disabled my LAN connection AFTER a map is loaded. But still no full MXAO. I am playing BF2 single player only. I am not connecting to any external servers apart from the local one that is created in Coop from within the BF2 menus.

So how do I enable full MXAO (SSAO) effects for BF2 ? Also why is ReShade allowing me to use MXAO in some games that have online connections like AC:Origins and AC:Unity ? How come Nvidia users (I have an AMD card) apparently CAN enable SSAO for Battlefield 2 in their drivers ?

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