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TOPIC: eduke32 Build Engine text+sprite draw issue

eduke32 Build Engine text+sprite draw issue 4 months 3 weeks ago #1

Been lurking for weeks, first time posting, sorry to say it's with a problem.

ReShade version
Game: Ion Maiden & Duke Nukem 3d on the eduke32 sourceport of BUILD engine Rendering with OpenGL

Issue: some text, most sprites, and occasional textures on models are not being drawn correctly. The perspective seems severely distorted as though stretched or smeared vertically.

The issue remains whether the post-processes are active or not, and after deleting the ReShade files from the game folder entirely.
Confirmed this issue does not appear on a clean install of the current version but appears after injecting ReShade.

I also tried running this version of reshade with Duke Nukem 3d on a different version of eduke32 and reproduced precisely the same problem.

Aside from this, there appear to be no other visual issues. Any idea what could be causing this?

Other Screenshots of the issue: - imgur.com/a/4zUoWk8

OPENGL32.log - pastebin.com/8JiLbWWS
maiden.log - pastebin.com/pq6Lg7KY

Running on
Windows 10 x64
Intel i5 4690k
The administrator has disabled public write access.