ReShade 4.2.1 swkotor instant crash.

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ReShade 4.2.1 swkotor instant crash. was created by AveRevan
When using reshade my swkotor instantly crashes without any error even before loading main menu. I tried everything: reinstalled both kotor and ReShade, tried to open the game windowed etc. I found somewhere old opengl32.dll from reshade version and it worked, but i couldn't my .ini preset file there. Does anyone have the same priblem. Or ReShade 4.2.1 just isn't compatible with swkotor yet?

My specs:
Intel core i7 7700HQ 2.8 Ghz;
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050Ti 4gb;
8gb RAM;
Windows 10 64bit.

UPD: Tried to update Nvidia and Intel drivers. That didn't help. When i launch the game with Intel Integrated graphics it launches, i see the game menu for a sec and then a black screen, but ReShade options menu works fine.

UPD2: Tried on The Witcher 3. Same issue. I start thinking, that ReShade conflicts with Nvidia driver or is incompatible with Notebook GeForce GTX1050Ti.

UPD3: Managed to get it working by installing latest windows updates O_o. Some effects still don't work, doin' nothing but black screen, but it's everyting else is ok.
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