Issues with dx9 games and AMD GPUs on Win10

2 years 8 months ago - 2 years 8 months ago #1 by Aislyrith
Hey there!

I have been struggling with Reshade since I installed Windows 10 on my new rig. I play Star Wars the Old Republic (a DX9 game) and I cannot get Reshade to work.
Initially I looked at this topic but the solution provided did not work for me and I finally found out why. It seems that there is still an issue with Reshade when using an AMD GPU on Windows 10 (post 1809 update), the games launches but not Reshade. I tried the same thing on a similar computer, running Windows 10 on the same version but with an Nvidia GPU and it worked fine.

For now I installed a Windows 8.1 dual boot so I can keep on playing with Reshade on but it is quite tiresome to switch between both OS.
Any idea when support for AMD GPUs could be added for DX9 games? (My GPU is a Radeon RX480).
Or does anyone know of a workaround for this issue?

Thanks in advance and keep up the good work, Reshade is now a staple in most of my games!
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