FFXIV with reshade disables my ps4 controller

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2 years 8 months ago #1 by Nephthys Persephone
FFXIV with reshade disables my ps4 controller was created by Nephthys Persephone
So I recently upgraded to PC master race and wanted to get all up into this reshade business, but for some reason it completely makes my ps4 controller useless unless I uninstall it again.
I've tried to search things online and found people with the same issue but I found nothing that actually helped their situation D:
So yeah my PC recognises my controller and there is nothing is wrong with it but if reshade is installed and I boot up my game there is zero output when I use the controller.
Is it even possible to use reshade and the controller together? Or am. I doomed to chose one or the other? I have no idea why it even overides it in the first place.
Thank you <3

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