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Been using reshade for several years now in numerous games and never had this happen before. After reshade install and launch of game I always go through the tutorial to set my profile.ini file. But it will not save the file. This is happening in DCS, I have reshade in other games currently on my system without issue so I'm confused. I've also noticed that at reshade install when I check settings, it displays a truncated file path. I've manually put in the full path and saved but to no avail. I've also made sure I have write permission checked. I don't know what else to do. Any help would be appreciated.

Addition: I can open DCS and reshade loads. I can click HOME and reshade utility appears and I can activate chosen filters. It all works in game and looks great. But if I restart DCS I have to open reshade utility and restart filters again. It just will not save profile!
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