The Problem with GoldSource Games

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10 months 3 weeks ago #1 by Justinz06
There is reshade problem with GoldSource Games when i test them.

Im using Reshade 2 (old version) because i have black screen when i toggled one of the effects in the latest version.
I am running a Half-Life 1 mod "Counter-Strike"
Im testing the effects if they are actually work.
I tested on the map: "cs_siege beta 6.1 version"

And i found the problem:
There is problem with the reshade 2 effects that might corrupt the textures.
Lets say for example, having Ganossa Motion Blur effect causes the light bulbs and water textures replaced by your screen getting mirrored. (in italy, fence will be replaced by your screen getting mirrored too...)
having SMAA causes the some of the lights and the waters in the map replaced by smaa example of AreaTexture image.
having Ambient Lights effects is the same as SMAA but replaced by Ambient Lights textures.
having Ambient Occlusion effect may turn waters and light bulbs into black texture.
having DOF with Matso DOF causes the same problem as Ambien Occlusion but will have the problem with weapon models in your screen. You can still see your weapon model in your main menu when you exit the game but its black.
I think it might have the same problem as half life mods like its main game and team fortress 2, etc etc etc on some maps.
If you want my specs, there you go:
Windows 7 Custom
GT 730
8GB ram
1TB hard drive.

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9 months 3 weeks ago #2 by acknowledge

Check this out, but it's for reshade 4, I guess.

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