ReShade keeping loanding effects remaining

2 years 8 months ago #1 by Flaviano
Hello there, i hope you are all doing more than fantastic, i have a problem with my x plane 11 simulator about the reshade and i would like for any one to help me regarding this matter. I have installed the reshade on my x plane 11 simulator and everything seems to be working absolutely normal, but the problem comes now when for ex. i open the Efis G1000 and i put on wind mode for the second monitor, there now the simulator becomes extremely slow and comes a msg saying
""Loading (5 effects remaining)... This might take a while, The application could become unresponsive for some time."" that is the msg i normally get, and i left the computer for more than 2 ou 3 hour and nothing solved. Please any idea on how to solve this problem of mine???

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