Bluestacks 4 w/ Reshade?

2 years 6 months ago - 2 years 6 months ago #1 by Abwezi
Bluestacks 4 w/ Reshade? was created by Abwezi
Hello! I see currently compatibility is listed as "good" for Bluestacks and it does not mention which version of the program was reported working successfully, I can't seem to be able to get any results with Reshade out of Bluestacks 4, 3, or 2, I've tried all three versions and I'm not able to get Reshade to work, the closest I've gotten to having Reshade functioning is being able to see the Reshade Menu when the program starts, but still not being able to use it or seeing any pre-applied shader coming up.

Is there any documentation as to exactly how whoever reported Bluestacks works with Reshade was able to make it work because everything I try is unsuccessful. All I want to do is play the Taxman port of Sonic 2 with a nice shader lol this is nuts. It's not just Bluestacks I've tried Nox App Player and Memu as well neither to any better results.
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