Saints Row The Third and 4 Directx problems

2 years 5 months ago #1 by ColbyDash

If you read the topic’s title, then just hear me out instead of saying anything first. I know it sounds like a beginner’s mistake but it isn’t. I seem to have an issue with getting the games to load into the in-game world. I can switch into Directx 9 as a temporary fix (this also works for fixing the refresh rate too) for SRTT but there’s no option such like that for SR4. Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything that helped me online and installing the Directx 10+ version of Reshade doesn’t work either for the both of them as it’ll still crash while the game tries to load into a save game. It also seems to crash when trying to apply new graphic settings from what I seen in SR4. I’m having a similar issue with another game in another topic I’ve created: Someone please help me as I’m clueless about what to do next here too.

Sincerely, Colby. :)

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