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TOPIC: Reshade and Vulkan

Reshade and Vulkan 6 days 11 hours ago #1

What is the reshade vulkan dll supposed to be named?

And when using reshade vulkan globally, where are the reshade files and settings because I don't see any shaders in the in-game reshade menu like when using any of the other backends?

EDIT: found it. C:/ProgramData/Reshade/ is not a good place for use to use reshade globally. It doesn't read shaders from the game folder. Instead it tries to read them from the programdata folder (when using relative paths in the reshade ini that is) in which windows prevents anything to be downloaded there. That's why I'm not getting any shaders read while in vulkan mode! We need to be able to tell the reshade.ini to put the global files in a place of our own choosing. Definitely not in our programdata folder.
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Reshade and Vulkan 6 days 8 hours ago #2

Nothing. ReShade does not support DLL wrapping in Vulkan. Vulkan has a layering mechanism that ReShade has to use to be spec conform. And that requires ReShade to be in a central place, because those layers are configured via system-wide registry keys. You are best off using the setup tool to set up ReShade, it knows what to do to make it work.
Cheers, crosire =)
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Reshade and Vulkan 6 days 5 hours ago #3

And just to follow up Shinra on your edit -- once Reshade installs itself, you can edit Reshade.ini's core settings (such as for Shader/Textures dir) directly in the installer, so you can point it to wherever you globally store your Shader/Texture dirs during Reshade's installation.
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