Reshade issue, flicker on full screen PES2020

2 years 3 months ago - 2 years 3 months ago #1 by GaelBennett
Hi all,

I've been using a combination of Reshade and an edit of the exe file for the game to enable ultrawide screen. For a few weeks its been perfect but now I'm having an issue where the game suddenly flickers, stutters than the reshade overlay reappears at the top like when you first launch the game.. The reshade overlay fades out and the game glitches and the overlay appears at the top again.. this repeats every few seconds and now the game is unplayable. Any ideas? I disabled all overlays in game such as steam and nvidia. I'm on a 34 Alienware ultrawide, a 9900k and a 2080ti. If I play in windowed mode i have no such issues, only when on full screen. I have Gsync enable for full and windowed mode if that matters. On the latest Nvidia driver. fedloan easybib
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