ReShade Working, But No Pop-up & No Overlay (SWTOR)

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1 week 6 days ago #1 by Spaceguitar
Peculiar issue I hope to talk through or at least resolve:

Reshade applied to Star Wars: The Old Republic using the latest version. The Reshade technically works; when in game, many textures and shades are completely different. It does look better, with the game taking an appreciable time longer to load!


Normally when a game with Reshade loads, there's that little pop-up message to kind of, y'know, let you know a) it's installed and b) it's working. That doesn't happen here, and neither does it let me open up the overlay to make edits, etc.. I can't do anything without breaking everything. Renaming dxgi.dll causes the game to flat out not open, and installing an older version results in the same thing.

If it means anything I'm using an AMD GPU. I read something somewhere about AMD having issues with the Reshade?

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