[SOLVED] SWTOR Reshade not loading now with latest Nvidia driver (456.38)

1 year 9 months ago - 1 year 8 months ago #1 by bwooster
Unsure if a Reshade or Nvidia driver problem but I have been using the latest Reshade 4.7.0 with previous Nvidia driver 452.06 on the game Star Wars The Old Republic (DX10 mode) which has been perfect for ages.

Today the Nvidia driver was updated to the latest version 456.38 (clean reset using DDU) but Reshade now fails to load (game runs but no log file is created).
Tried older versions of Reshade to be safe but none will work at all until I reinstalled the previous Nvidia driver.

Thus not sure if Nvidia has messed with something specific or possible Reshade side, but with no log being created I can't diagnose it further.

Also tested with later Nvidia drivers (456.55 and .71) still won't load Reshade.
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