Broken shadows in the Sims 4

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Broken shadows in the Sims 4 was created by emsycu
Hi everyone!! This is my first post--I mostly joined this forum because I can't find a solution to this problem or anyone who seems to be having the same issue. I'm using the latest iteration and this only very recently started causing problems (the last 3-4 days). It coincided with me downloading a number of presets (now they have been removed from my game and I only use presets I made myself, but the problem remains with them). I'm not sure if it has anything to do with the NVIDIA update since my memory for dates is awful, but I think it happened a while after that.

Basically, the shadows in Sims 4 only work as they should from certain angles. It's difficult to explain, so I've attached a video and some screenshots.

This problem occurs even with reshade turned off, but not when I remove all of the files from my bin.

The shaders I'm using in the second image are:
MXAO (qUINT_mxao.fx)
AdaptiveFog (AdaptiveFog.fx)
DepthHaze (DepthHaze.fx)
ADOF (qUINT_adof.fx)
CinematicDOF (CinematicDOF.fx)
MultiLUT (MultiLUT.fx)

My graphics are set to ultra with edge smoothing completely disabled. I'd appreciate any help or a direction to a thread that could address my issue; I'm just not sure if it's sims specific or a general reshade thing.
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