Reshader blocks my menus in FS2020

1 year 6 months ago #1 by chopperaddict
Reshader blocks my menus in FS2020 was created by chopperaddict
I installed this in the hope I could Improve the viewing experience in FS2020

Sadly, it is causing me more problems than it can possibly fix.

It displays a banner in almost any window attached to FS2020, including the Instrument popouts, and menu option windows. I cannot stop this behaviour, so I tried to uninstall Reshader, but it complains that it cannot get access to somewhere in my STEAM installation tree, despite the fact that I use a utility that gives me full and unlimited access to the entire disk, including ALL folders as full administrator.

So my question is, how do I either remove Reshader from my PC, or stop it from blocking part of my "game" screen all the time. Pressing Home just opens it fully, and then toggles it back to the annoying banner across the top of my game screen.

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